Overview of Student Resource Scheme

A student resource scheme enables a parent to enter into a written agreement with the school that, in return for payment of a specified annual participation fee, provides for the participating student's temporary use of prescribed resources and/or for the purchase by the parent of consumables and materials for the student's use.

The operation of the scheme is required to be supported annually by the Parents and Citizens' Association (P&C), and the scheme may be managed by the school or the P&C, but not by a third party unless approved by the Principal.  The school and the P&C share decision-making and responsibility for the scheme.

Participation in the scheme is voluntary, and no obligation is placed on a parent to participate.  A parent's decision to participate is based on consideration of the value afforded by the scheme.  A parent who does not wish to join the scheme is responsible for providing the student with the items that would otherwise have been provided to the student by the scheme. The school must develop a process to cater for students who are not participating in the scheme to ensure the student is not educationally disadvantaged through non-participation.

Payment of the participation fee by the parent is a requirement for continued participation in the scheme. An unpaid fee will be subject to the school's debt recovery processes.


Booklists for the following year are distributed at the end of each year. The cost of each Year’s Bookpack varies depending on the curriculum requirements. 

Each Year level's booklist can be found under Enrolments - Booklists.​

Other Contributions

These may include Instrumental Music Program, Swimming Program, Camps, Excursions or Incursions.  

These fees are required to be paid prior to the activity commencing.

School Payments

We have several payment options available to make paying for school activities easy and convenient.

QKR - Preferred method of payment

  • Fast, easy payments from a secure mobile app.
  • The flexibility to pay fees and place orders wherever and whenever up like.
  • The ability to manage children’s canteen orders and also ​​wanting to buy extra uniforms
  • No need to load funds in advance.

QParents - With QParents you are able to view your child’s current invoices and pay via the secure BPoint payment portal (preferred method).

BPOINT - On each invoice generated by the school you will find BPOINT payment information on the bottom left hand corner of the invoice. You can complete a phone payment using credit/debit card via BPOINT 1300 631 073. Please quote CRN and invoice number from the BPOINT box on the invoice.

BPOINT Web Link - The BPOINT web link can be used by parents or other customers to make payments from their computers or smart phones. The web link is available on OneSchool Finance invoices and debtor statements. To make payments directly visit BPOINT web link​. The Customer Reference Number (CRN) is validated and checked to ensure your school bank account receives the funds. The payment will not process if an incorrect CRN is used.​ Payments can be made through the QParents app (payment portal) or at the Money Collection Window.

Payment Window - Our Payment Window is open three mornings during the week from 9:00 - 10:30am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings with payment options of eftpos (preferred method) and cash.

Please ensure any cash payments being handed in to the office are in a sealed envelope/snaplock bag with the child’s name and class clearly written on the envelope.

Credit on Account - we have a lot of activities during the​ year and one great way to stay ahead is to put credit on your student’s account to be used when invoices fall due. This can be done at the via QParents or the Payment Window throughout the year.​​

Last reviewed 13 February 2023
Last updated 13 February 2023